Monday, February 1, 2010

The next hundred... Multitude Monday

holy experience

101. God's grace! I never lack to be amazed that he extends it to me.

102. The Bible-- God's words to us. How incredible is that?!

103. Heartfelt prayers poured out at his feet

104. Another opportunity to trust Him more

105. Knowing that He is big enough to carry all my fears and my cares

106. Watching Jeopardy at my mom's house and feeling like my dad is just going to be back home soon... He's just been at work, right? And he's just coming home like he always used to after a long day of work... Even though it was bittersweet to feel like he would just be walking in the door any minute (he always got home during Jeopardy when I was a kid!), I was still glad to be able to remember. And though this time of grieving does not seem to get easier... if anything it gets harder... I am so glad for the life we got to spend together. I was blessed with a wonderful daddy!

And some of the more "tangible/practical"...

107. Snow boots to walk in these 5.5 inches we got recently! :)

108. NOT getting stuck in the ditch or spinning off the road on a patch of black ice!

109. Windows getting new trim inside!! :) Several were just finished today!

110. Fitting back into my "pre-pregnancy jeans"... at least one pair of them.... Hoping to continue gaining better health! (It's about time, lol! The baby is 15 months old now!!!)

111. Thankful that even random "thankful posts" can be entered into this community of acceptance.

My heart is full of thanks tonight. Blessings to all in the gratitude community! Angela

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