Monday, January 25, 2010

Thankful when times are Gray... Multitude Monday

94. Extra snuggles from a cuddly little one :-)

95. My husband keeping watch over said little one Saturday afternoon and suggesting I take a nap... apparently a much needed 3 hour nap!

96. Friday night homemade pizza and movie nights (Crust recipe will be coming soon... I didn't realize I do not have it really "written down" yet!)

97. The way the trees look without their leaves right now... beautiful creations!

98. The slate blue sky contrasting against the field grasses and rolling hills background.

99. A soft dusting of snow!

100. Knowing that even though I have this small sickness (cold has turned to sinus infection, I think...), that this too will pass.. Reminding myself of the many truly hurting people around the world both physically and emotionally... O Lord, make me mindful of those hurting in Haiti and around the world. Please, help remind me not to waste, but to use this "slowing time" in our house to pray for for those who are really hurting!

As a friend e-mailed to me this weekend, "things feel kind of gray here". I feel that too... in my spirit and in my physical feelings right now. Thank you, Lord, that you are present even when times are gray and it seems like the sun is absent. Please help us focus our eyes on the SON and remember that you are doing a work, even when our present seems to disguise that work... Help me to trust you more!

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  1. He is present in the gray. thank you for reminding me.
    I need three hour naps pretty often myself.

  2. Hey, did I make a cameo on your blog? :) Yeah!!