Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So I've been thinking a lot about this lately... Here are my ideas (as I discussed them today with my mentor and good friend! :) on what a godly woman should strive to be:

First and foremost seeking to follow and love God fully and completely.  To be a daughter of the King, truly and to let our lives be from the overflow of this vibrant, growing relationship.

Second and in this order, striving with lots of prayer and God's help to be the best wife possible.  To love, pray, serve, sacrifice for and encourage and uplift him in such a way that he is compelled to be a more godly, Christ-honoring man.

Third (and NOT before #1 and #2) to seek to lead and teach her children to love the Lord and follow him so they will grow up to be kind, respectful, and God-fearing adults.

ANYTHING after that is icing.  Seriously, there is enough "cake" in striving to do those things WELL to last a lifetime.

I guess I'm just so tired of all sorts of people thinking they need to be other people's "Holy Spirit" and tell them what they should be doing because there is an "opportunity to serve".  We need to be serving our Lord and the top priorities God has given to us first and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us into any other opportunities to serve that HE might choose for us to live.  But NOT at the expense of these top three priorities!!!!  We have to keep in step with the Spirit to know how he is leading us (ref. Galatians 5), but seriously, if we did those first three things well, we could rest knowing HE would say, "Well done!"