Wednesday, May 4, 2011


So I've been thinking a lot about this lately... Here are my ideas (as I discussed them today with my mentor and good friend! :) on what a godly woman should strive to be:

First and foremost seeking to follow and love God fully and completely.  To be a daughter of the King, truly and to let our lives be from the overflow of this vibrant, growing relationship.

Second and in this order, striving with lots of prayer and God's help to be the best wife possible.  To love, pray, serve, sacrifice for and encourage and uplift him in such a way that he is compelled to be a more godly, Christ-honoring man.

Third (and NOT before #1 and #2) to seek to lead and teach her children to love the Lord and follow him so they will grow up to be kind, respectful, and God-fearing adults.

ANYTHING after that is icing.  Seriously, there is enough "cake" in striving to do those things WELL to last a lifetime.

I guess I'm just so tired of all sorts of people thinking they need to be other people's "Holy Spirit" and tell them what they should be doing because there is an "opportunity to serve".  We need to be serving our Lord and the top priorities God has given to us first and ask for the Holy Spirit to guide us into any other opportunities to serve that HE might choose for us to live.  But NOT at the expense of these top three priorities!!!!  We have to keep in step with the Spirit to know how he is leading us (ref. Galatians 5), but seriously, if we did those first three things well, we could rest knowing HE would say, "Well done!" 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Delayed from 2/14... Gratitude list continues! :)

I could not get into blogger on Monday no matter what I tried and then illness hit my house most of this week, so my list is a bit delayed but here nonetheless! :)

185.  Toddler-girl sitting by my side as I read, "reading" her own books :)

186.  music from small keyboard- a two-year old musician creating!

187.  not getting stuck in the snow! We didn't make it to our destination, but at least we didn't get stuck and were able to return back home.

188.  learning to do pushups correctly--even if getting it takes time, trial, error and humbleness...

189.  downsizing of all sorts-- thankful I am learning to "let go" of things that are not worth the space to store, pack and move them!!

190.  my Valentine- thankful for the chance we have to continue to grow and learn to love one another.

191.  caring for my daughter and trying to learn as I go to honestly show my love for Jesus in action in front of her.

192.  melting snow and signs of warmth and new life coming soon

193.  toddler-girl going right to sleep at naptime

194.  reading good books (such as, and, and

195.  tea time!- pretend tea tastes so good!!

196.  chance to watch a complex movie with my husband. It had been a long time since we had watched something challenging together like that

197.  time spent getting to know new friends-- sharing the story of how we met our husbands-- so thankful God wrote my love story with my sweet Valentine!!

holy experience

Friday, February 11, 2011

A River Runs Through It

A River Runs Through It:  We watched this movie tonight.  First time for my husband to see it.  I don't even know how many times I've seen it, but it has not been often in recent years.

My dad loved this movie for some reason.  It's very introspective in ways and not much on rapid paced action... I don't really know why he liked it so much.  He wasn't really a fly fisherman... and while he loved movies of all sorts, I'm not sure why this movie was one of his favorites. 

Daddy made me rewind again and again to write down the last part of it.  Part of it is still in my memory...

Some of it is something like this:  Now nearly all those I loved and did not understand when I was young are gone now, even Jessie...  But when I am alone in the half light of the canyon all exsistence seems to fade to a being (?) in my soul and ...memories... and the hope that a fish will rise....  

Then there is a part that talks beautifully about the river and the rocks and the words below the rocks... etc. 

It ends with a simple "I am haunted by waters."

So, I can't remember a lot of it perfectly, but it really is beautiful poetry/prose.  Truly haunting in ways.   

I think it is based off a book written by Norman Maclean.  I should investigate this sometime.  Might be enlightening.

Well, my pillow is calling to me for now. 

This is the most random blog post I have written so far, but I know there are some thoughts stirring in me and I should at least begin to tap into them... This "journal" is mostly just for me anyway! :)

My daughter, husband and I danced a little waltz together at the end and while I was still sad and meloncoly thinking about my dad, it was a nice dance.  I felt Eucharisteo (sp) in even that.  The sadness and the joy all mixed together and I felt thankful and grateful and alive. 

It's good to feel alive.  Thank you, Lord, for moments to remember and to truly live.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Continuing with my Thousand Gifts

    I started writing the blessings I see each day, the gifts the Lord allows me to see, down in my journal this time and so this first list after a hiatus might be longer than most. I'm excited to get back to seeing the joy in each day/moment. Thank you, Lord for all the gifts you have given and continue to bestow. Those I see and those I miss. Please help the eyes of my heart to see more and to experience more of you!

136. sunshine on snow

137. birds at the feeder-- making marks in the nearby snow, fluttering about excitedly

138. electric staying on through the storm! Praise the Lord!!!

139. a little girl easily entertained by a bag of "new to her" shoes :) Who knew a two year old could find joy so easily? :)

140. a warm home-- respite

141. imperfectly made new curtains from fabric remnants 18" square

 142. the chance to make those curtains and learn in the process

143. reading and laughing over Three Little Pigs with my girl

144. New books deliverd by the postman at the door??!! through the snow

145. small steps in gaining more self-control as part of the fruit of the Spirit (less angry outbursts, less times of emotional eating) praise to you, Lord!

146. clothes to fold and put away (means my family is well provided for)

147. carpet to sweep means carpet to bring warmth to our home

148. butterscotch oatmeal goodies

149. a polite "more pwease," Who can resist giving her one more cookie bite :)

150. that my two year old girls is still willing to take her afternoon nap! Praise the Lord!!

151. quietness during naptime

152. joy in the quiet

153. hope

154. remembering that hope does not disappoint...

155. gentle morning kisses from my love on his way to the day

156. estranged uncle-neighbor coming to rescue and teach in a gentle way-- seeing him walk down the snowy road to our drive brough such sadness and joy at the same time. Sad for the loss, many years ago now, of the relationship; joy in the provision for this day in helping us get a car out of the snow/mud! We could not have gotten the car out without his help. So thankful God brought him and he was able to come.

157. eggs sizzling in the skillet- sound and smell wafting in

158. oatmeal falling out of canister to bowl in preperation

159. white snow lying with hope that all things will be new someday

160. furnance kicking on to keep the house warm; glad we have not run out of propane

161. hope flickering ever so softly that all might be as it should be some day.

162. bare tree branches and light reflecting through curved glass

163. the hum of the refrigerator

164. the quiet snores of a small one sleeping

165. the feel of the recently vacuumed carpet on my check

166. the breathing in and out and knowing I am learning and I can grow to be the woman the Lord plans for me to be- this slowing thing is new for me; I am grateful and hopeful; and humbled

167. friends to share a meal and converstaion with; especially grateful for several reasons... Friendship has been hard to find in recent years and this week has been especially long when stuck indoor due to snow!! :D

168. a good samaritan to rescue us from the snowy ditch

169. a comfty bed in which to rest after a long, tiring day

170. toddler-baby wearing striped pajamas and pink tennis shoes pulling musical xylophone down the hallway :) Such a glorious sight! :)

171. squeak of old chair as small one climbs up to see and be near her daddy

172. hours spent slowing and savoring the beautiful chaos of family life

173. quiet bubbling of fish tank in early morning

174. gentle new dusting of snow lying on cedar limbs making the world white and beautiful once more

175. toddler-baby asking to come "up" on my lap

176. seeing her lovingly care for her doll babies

177. toddler-girl singing into oatmeal canister; happy joyful sounds! :)

178. corny jokes from my husband

179. cold back porch floor tile on bare feet

180. snuggling under the covers in the last hazy darkness of nighttime before the day begins

181. sewing maching to help create

182. the chance to change the needle-- yet again-- in the process of the project. learning patience and persistance. enjoying the journey, learning not to race to the destination...

183. joy in taking something "tossed aside" and making something new and useful...

184. Thankfulness that God did just that with my life-- took what was tossed aside and is making me new!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Finding Joy in each Day

Well, I'm coming back to blogging. I really don't know why, but I feel compelled to try to write thoughts to "paper". I have added my real name to the blog... guess I'm moving past fear a little bit! :-) I have also added a photo! Getting more bold in this, ha!

I don't promise to have fully thought out posts, persay... I am a very busy wife and mama... and I am also trying to move past my perfectionistic tendencies. This is a huge step for me, to be willing to just write as thoughts come and not try to make it all look "perfect"...

Anyway, this blog might not be the most "correct" format you will come across on the web, but I do promise to try to write real things with which I am wrestling.... things to share where I've been and what the Lord is teaching me... and some of the struggles I am having along the way. I hope anyone who stops by will be encouraged by the "realness" they will hopefully encounter here.

Blessings to you this day!

With a sincere heart,