Monday, January 18, 2010

Multitude Monday!

81. New windows are installed in our house!

82. Enjoying my new bible study (the second time around... has it really already been 10 years?!) (Breaking Free by Beth Moore)

83. Meeting a gal at bible study who has never done a study before! So excited to get to know her and encourage her in her pursuit of Jesus.

84. Sweet rosy baby cheeks :)

85. "City-boy" husband delighting in living in the country... :) "Look! There's an owl!" "Wow, we can see the stars from our window out here!" etc... lots of fun to see the place I grew up near through his eyes of delight.

86. Fog rolling across the fields

87. Pumpkins to make curry pumpkin soup sometime this week...

88. Picking up sticks in our yard

89. Setting up a compost place

90. Reading about creativity!

91. Using my handmade dishrag for the first time. Handmade by me!

92. The joys of winter.. a chance to renew, make plans for the garden, cuddle up with those I hold dear!

93. Resting in the peace that He is my JOY!

holy experience


  1. What a beautifully simple list. I really enjoyed my visit here...

  2. Resting in the peace that He is my joy! Oh, yes...I love that.
    Great list!
    Thank you for posting..

  3. So glad you came by our site! It was a pleasure to have you.

    I love your list as well. Especially # 82, #83, and #93. We are children of no greater King! :)

    Wish you a wonderfully blessed week! Walk in your already earned victory!