Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1000 Blessings Post 3

54. Rain falling softly hitting tree leaves gently...

55. Making it through more tests with my daddy. So glad to spend this time with him.

56. Compassionate nurses.

57. Friends who drive the miles to deliver a meal, or clean the house, or do some laundry, or do an errand, or mow the lawn almost 500 miles away or.... so many kind ones to be thankful for... so thoughtful, so loving... so much of Christ's agape in action.

58. The chance to trust God for my daily manna... every moment of every day. Finding the reality that I cannot do any of this on my own strength; and finding that to be a relief-- it's not about me!

60. Singing hymns as I drive daddy home from the hospital

61. Seeing many extended family wounds healing before my eyes-- wow God, you are so amazing!

62. 62- years my daddy has been on this earth!

63. The ability to feel... to cry... to grieve... to smile.. to laugh... to hold on to hope!

64. Driving with the clouds above, but totally protected from the storm.

65. Knowing he covers us not just in this physical storm, but in this bigger storm of our lives.

66. Filled with gratitude for his everlasting arms.

67. Knowing so deep down that through it all... he has and he will continue to provide.

Lord, thank you for being such an excellent provider. Please help us cling to you with all that we are.

holy experience
59. Mama working on walking again! Praises to the Lord for her healing in her bones.

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  1. Wow! It sounds as if you are going through a difficult time but also a very sweet time of answered prayer and friends loving on you. Praying for your parents and rejoicing with you because we know that He will work it all for our good. Dianne