Monday, September 14, 2009

1000 Blessings Post 2

38. Caring for them all

39. Deep sighs; releasing the burdens

40. Walking with my daddy, age 62... hand in hand to his first appointment with the oncologist

41. Hearing the news... 6-9 months at most... but with His support... holding on.... underneath are the everlasting arms.

42. Heartfelt prayers with the people that mean the most to me in all the world... daddy, mother, my dear husband... my baby sleeping nearby

43. Flowers: flocks, cock's comb, aster, petunia... the beauty of Indian summer

44. Sunrises shared

45. My rock steady solid husband.

46. Friends and family who demonstrate His love in action. True agape!

47. Picking them up to take them all home- two wheelchairs, one stroller, one faithfully solid husband.

48. Enjoying the sounds of the a summer evening in the country... the music makers of the night... buzzing bugs, chirping crickets...

49. Hearing his snore; knowing he's resting from a long day... bittersweet to hear that snore... thankful to get to hear it now.

50. Holding her hand... my mama...knowing she's grasping to wrap her brain around it all... knowing she doesn't know how to say goodbye... being able to point her to HIM who is I AM.

51. Feeling his strength rise within me... strength I most definitely do not have on my own. Knowing he's love is true... his love never fails... his love can be shown through me... Please Lord, may it be so!

52. Blessings in being without work?? We can be here.... Thank you God for providing in the unexpecting blessings!

53. Trusting God for the manna for today.

Father, please give me this day my daily bread.

holy experience

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